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About EuroPython

EuroPython was first held in Charleroi in 2002 and is the oldest Python community conference. Since then it has moved around Europe:

  • 2002 - Charleroi, Belgium
  • 2003 - Charleroi
  • 2004 - Göteborg, Sweden
  • 2005 - Götebog
  • 2006 - CERN, Switzerland
  • 2007 - Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2008 - Vilnius

Being a Community Conference means that EuroPython is run entirely by volunteers, that means us the participants. Many of the things that have to be done to run a successful conference can be carried out remotely, and every year Pythonistas from all over Europe help. There is always lots to do at the local level, so a local group wishing to hold EuroPython must be prepared to put in quite a lot of work.

If your local group would like to host EuroPython you will need to submit a proposal to the EuroPython Society and help organise the preceding EuroPython conference.

Normally EuroPython is held in a location for two successive years so that local organisers and participants get the most out of the efforts put into the first year.

This year EuroPython 2009 is being hosted in Birmingham UK by the PyCon UK Society. You can find out more about EuroPython 2009 and Birmingham by following the links in the Navigation bars to the left of this page.