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Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, EuroPython offers a great delegate experience at a reasonable cost - a community conference yet with professional conference facilities.

Here are a few notes on our sponsors

PSF logo

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of the international community of Python programmers.

The PSF have made a substantial donation and are Silver Sponsors of EuroPython 2009, which has helped improve the conference. Thank you, PSF! During EuroPython there will be sessions devoted to the PSF and its involvement in the European Python community.

Google Logo

Google's innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google's targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google employs several key Python developers, including Guido van Rossum himself.

Google are Bronze Sponsors of EuroPython 2009.

Oracle Logo

Oracle Technology Network is the world's largest community of developers, DBAs/admins, and architects using Oracle products with industry-standard technologies like Python. Millions of members collaborate via OTN every day to share real-world expertise and best practices about how to best design, build, deploy, manage, and optimise applications. A good starting point for Python developers wanting to work with Oracle is our wiki.

Please drop by the OTN table at EuroPython 2009 on Tuesday or Wednesday, and let us know how you are using Python. We are looking for feedback on how we can better serve the Python community.

Oracle are sponsoring EuroPython by providing Tuesday's and Wednesday's refreshments - coffee, tea and biscuits right through the day.

Linux Emporium Logo

The Linux Emporium is the UK's first and foremost Linux shop. It sells software and hardware including Linux laptops and wifi hardware. The Emporium and its sister company, Clockwork Software Systems, are enthusiastic Python developers, and provide Python training courses at their Sutton Coldfield facilities, or on-site in the UK and Europe.

The Linux Emporium are sponsoring the Adrian Boult Hall, as well as providing hosting and adminstration services to EuroPython 2009.

Qt Logo

Qt - pronounced cute - produce the well-known Qt C++ GUI library and toolset. Wrapped for Python by Phil Thompson as PyQt, it has become the preferred choice of Python GUI for discerning developers. Qt Software is part of the Nokia group.

Logilab Logo

Logilab are scientific computing and knowledge management specialists. They are well known in the Python community: as well as being a founding member of EuroPython they release development tools for community use, one of the best known being pylint, the Python source code checker. During EuroPython 2009 Logilab will be presenting their CubicWeb framework.

Logilab are sponsoring the signage for the event, so that you can get to the talks on time!

Ableton Logo

Ableton produce Ableton Live, a fully featured recording studio for DJs.

Resolver Systems Logo

At EuroPython 2009, Resolver Systems will be showing the latest release of Resolver One, which allows you to develop powerful, reliable web and desktop applications using IronPython in a simple spreadsheet-like environment.

Resolver are sponsoring Sunday's IronPython tutorials and are donating Resolver One licences as prizes.

WingWare Logo

Wingware makes Wing IDE, a powerful development environment designed specifically for Python. Wingware's founders are enthusiastic supporters of the Python community, including EuroPython 2009, for which they are sponsoring a breakfast as well as donating Wingware licenses for the raffle.

Microsoft logo

Microsoft need no introduction, but something that not even Python geeks may know is that Microsoft were the first company to employ full time Python developers. They have implemented IronPython - Python implemented on the Dynamic Language Runtime platform - a measure of how important Python is to Microsoft. The lead developer on IronPython is Jim Hugunin, the man behind the original Jython.

Microsoft have donated hardware to the conference including an X-Box as a prize to be awarded by the organisers. Thank you Microsoft for your support!

Infrae Logo

Infrae is a software development company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company focuses on open source Internet applications, using various Python frameworks, and provides related integration services. Infrae concentrates on tools for content, web-authoring, asset and document management. The company is a long-term supporter of EuroPython.

Pragma 2000 Logo

Pragma 2000 specialises in publishing automation and uses Python for catalogue generation, scripting of Desktop Publishing software and server side logic for Rich Internet Applications. They have been consistent supporters of EuroPython.

O'Reilly Logo

O'Reilly, the self-styled People's Publisher, are well-known as a publisher of technical books: they are especially friendly to the Open Source world.

O'Reilly are sponsoring prizes for EuroPython 2009, supplying delegates' badges and lanyards, and will be exhibiting their range of books, donating prizes for the raffle, and offering a 35% discount on Conference sales, A great opportunity to expand your Python bookshelf.

Media Partners

Linux Outlaws Logo

Linux Outlaws is a dynamic, interesting podcast all about Free Software in general and Linux in particular. They will be covering EuroPython as a feature for their podcast and are promoting EuroPython to their listeners.

Directions for Sponsors

If you wish to deliver exhibition materials to the Conservatoire, Directions and Unloading Instructions are available here.

If you are sending exhibition materials or handouts by carrier, the delivery address is:

Birmingham Conservatoire
Paradise Place
B3 3HG

Attention: Kelly Williams, ref EuroPython

Please mark packages clearly Exhibition or Swag as appropriate.

In case you or your carrier have difficulty in finding the Conservatoire loading bay, the phone number of the Security Desk is 0121 331 5920.